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Hitomi Love

a place where you can share you Hitomi-ness ^^

- Hitomi Love -
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
About : A place to share about Morning Musume's Hitomi Yoshizawa.

What you can do :
- Talk about Hitomi Yoshizawa/Morning Musume
- News about H!P/Morning Musume/Hitomi Yoshizawa
- Post pictures related to the topic you are talking about.
- Downloads, mp3's and PV's etc, links where you can download related things ^^

What you can NOT do :
- Do not direct link any of the files/pictures which are not uploaded to your own server!
- No spamming, introductions can be put in commenting areas.
- Use unappropiete words or anything of the sort.
- Do not in anyway be racist or make fun of something which can hurt someone.

Relax everyone! Join the commounity if you are a Hitomi Fan or a MM+H!P fan ^^

Any problems or questions which are not answered above, please e-mail me at > momu_illia@hotmail.com <